Sample that has not been cataloged in a genomic data repository, with a positive number of Paraoxon bacteria growth and zero Methyl Parathion bacteria growth

Southdown Park

I chose this area because it is an area that pesticides are heavily used and is regularly serviced. The site was damp at the time of collection because of the rains the weekend prior. The site is at the edge of the park before a ditch and the northbound feter road off of Hwy 288.

Husain Motiwala Sp2020 Mon UH

This sample was taken at near the water-front at River Terrace Park in Channelview. This park is located off of Old River, which empties into the Buffalo Bayou. The numerous chemical plants near this location could provide a source of organophosphate pollutants, therefore being a potential location for organophosphate degrading micobes. 

Chantera Lazard | Spring 2020 | Wednesday | UH

The sample was founded near a Marine Training Center and a body of water connected to the Carpenter's Bayou, which is connected to Gulf Of Mexico. The area is also near various military buildings, a lot of ships because there is a port close by, and some manufacturing companies. There is a street drainage system that connects all the buildings. It did rain recently so the soil appeared mildly wet and dark. 

Khoi Nguyen UH Spring 2020 Monday

The soil sample was collected at approximately 9AM on January 27th. The soil an its surrounding environment were wet when the sample was being collected. The collection site was at near the intersection between US-59 and US-59 BUS at Hungerford. There was no plants being grown on the collection site, however, there was some signs of plow and pipelines nearby the field. The sample was collected at approximately 8 inches depth of digging from the surface. This sample was collected for the testing of bacteria's pesticide degradation ability. 

Morgan Hull Spring 2020 Mon. UH

This sample was taken outside of the TDCJ Darrington Unit. There was plowed farmland on both sides of the road and all around this general location but nothing growing at the time this sample was collected. The sample was taken from a hole I dug next to the plowed farmland where grass was growing. The ground was soft and muddy. Upon digging it was noticed that the ground had many little rocks and some grassroots present. The soil was dark brown and I did not observe any bugs in the 12'' hole I dug, no water pooled at the bottom of the hole. 

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