Non-Cataloged Sample with POSITIVE Paraoxon NEGATIVE Methyl Parathion

Sample that has not been cataloged in a genomic data repository, with a positive number of Paraoxon bacteria growth and zero Methyl Parathion bacteria growth


2020 Fall | UH | Wed | Thang Tran |

The sample was collected in a wooded area where a small river was flowing through and it was a mile away from a farm. For inoculation results, the inoculation samples turned yellow in minimal media subcultures containining paraoxon (Px) which indicates production of P-nitrophenol due to OP hydrolysis. The color was brighter in CSM medium compared that in SSM medium which suggest that the bacteria prefer carbon as their food source. As for subcutlures containig methyl parathion (MP), they showed no colors after a series of inoculation.

2020 Fall | UH | Wed | Syed Mubashir Shah |

The sample was collected near Memorial Park Conservancy. This place likely to have pesticide use or activity, because it is expected to discover organophosphate enzymes where pesticides are used, the collection of the sample was performed near an area where pesticides are ubiquitous. Following several inoculations, screening was carried out on the CMM plate to detect OP hydrolysis.

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