The collected soil sample that I have provided was obtained at the coordinates 29.7238200, -95.1137860 on August 28, 2018 at 12:41PM on a sunny day. The collected sample was taken from the East Fork Patrick Bayou nearby the Buffalo Bayou. The sample was retrieved from an 8-12 inch hole along the bank of the bayou. For week 0, 1.05g of the sample is initially inoculated into an enriched media then for week 1-5 200µL of the previous week’s inoculation culture is added to separate minimal media tubes containing Carbon Selective Media with Paraoxon, Carbon Selective Media with Methyl Parathion, Sulfur Selective Media with Paraoxon, and Sulfur Selective Media with Methyl Parathion. The best indicator for the metabolism of pesticides is then inoculated onto the enriched media for bacteria revitalization then 100μL of the enriched media with bacteria is plated onto a minimal media with MP. The plated sample is then analyzed to confirm that the bacteria is able to tolerate the Methyl Parathion compounds, but not degrade it.

Researcher's Name

Date of Collection
Semester of Collection
Fall 2018
Number of Colonies of Paraoxon
Number of Colonies of Methyl Parathion
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Geolocation for Sample

29.72382, -95.113786

Location Name
East Fork Patrick Bayou
Location Street
Tidal Rd
Location City
Location County
Harris County
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