Non-Cataloged Sample with POSITIVE Paraoxon POSITIVE Methyl Parathion

Sample that has not been cataloged in a genomic data repository, with a positive number of both Paraoxon and Methyl Parathion bacteria growth


2020 Spring | UH | Mon | Maheen-Naaz Ukani |

<p>The sample was collected in an isolated location not too far from a park. The area from which the sample was collected was also near a bayou. There were many trees and untended patches of land. The sample itself had a very rough consistency and was light brown. It was slightly moist, possibly because of the rain from the day before. The sample was collected by digging nearly 8 inches near the root area of a tree.&nbsp;</p>

2020 Spring | UH | Mon | Mattie Hagen Goldberg |

<p>I chose this location based on its vicinity to Buffalo Bayou and the EPA Superfund Site Patrick Bayou. The location is a park near a commemorating memorial to the Republic of Texas called the San Jacinto Monument. This spot sits at the mouth of the Buffalo Bayou and Houston Ship Channel where hundreds of ships travel in and out every day. There is a ferry at the end of the land mass along with a restaurant. There were also several warning signs posted near the water's edge banning visitors from fishing or swimming in the water.

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